Step up your curb appeal

Everyone want’s the house on the block that everyone loves to look at. Here are 4 easy tasks to do in order to step up your home’s curb appeal. 1.) Sidewalk/Driveway- Sweep up any leaves and debris from walkways regularly. If there is stuck on dirt or any type of stain, use a power washer to help remove it. Use a good weed control spray to get in between cracks to keep the weeds away. Doing all of this on a regular basis will help keep your curb appeal in tiptop shape! 2.) Paint- Make sure your home’s outer pain is kept fresh. Start with the frame of the door and shutters. When it comes time to paint your house, do it all in one time. Paint will fade in time; therefore waiting months in between painting each side of your home will cause discoloration. 3.) Garden- If you have a garden, make sure to keep up with it. Water the plants, pick anything that has died as well as any weeds, and keep up with maintaining the mulch or [...]

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4 Simple Tasks to do Before Winter

During the winter months, people typically do not inspect the outside of their houses. Do not let those problem areas build up. Take a weekend and do these 4 easy tasks before winter comes in full force! […]

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