Keeping warm while staying on a budget

Based on BBC News and our own ideas, here are 5 ways to keep warm while staying within budget! 1. Close the vents in unused rooms so that the heat travels to more popular areas of the house. 2. Buy curtains or put blankets over the windows to prevent heat from escaping. During the day though, allow as much sunlight as possible into the house. 3. Check your chimney; is the hatch closed? Even if you haven’t used the fireplace in awhile, there is still a chance the hatch is open where cold hair is coming in. But beware of the soot! Wear gloves! 4. If you have bare hardwood floors, buy a rug from a department store to create insulation and prevent heat loss from the floor. 5. Do an activity you enjoy: exercise, cook, drink a hot beverage or find someone to cuddle with! (Pets are great for warmth and love!)  

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Protecting your home from frosty weather

With record breaking temperatures across the Midwest, our bodies are not the only things we should be concerned about protecting from the cold. Here are a few tips to keep your home in mint condition. *Check your water pipes to prevent frozen bursting. Did you know when water freezes, it expands? The ice causes pressure against the pipes which forces a burst in a part of the pipe that is not frozen. Homes with holes for cable near pipes, with lower temperatures, or with a lack of insulation are at the highest risk of pipe bursting. A sign of a frozen pipe is a faucet turned on without water coming out.   If it is frozen; attempt to gradually thaw the pipe. recommends a hair dryer in a dry area; be safe and never use an open flame. Prevent your pipes from freezing by putting thick insulation around them. *Do not pour boiling water over any type of frozen glass. This includes the windows on a vehicle. The immediate temperature increase can cause the glass to crack or even break due to sensitivity. Again, the more [...]

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