Grill Stations

Cincinnati Grill Station grill station Grill Stations IMG 20140728 183931 949 A grill station is more than just a grill, it’s everything you need to grill out, all in one place! Turn your back yard into a bbq haven. Create a custom design that fits your style and your grilling character. You can add the features that put everything you need at your fingertips instead of running back in the house for everything you need. Your guests will love being served from your A grill station can include:

  • A grill
  • A sink
  • Storage areas
  • Burners
  • Counter space
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric Outlets

Your design will look so good, no one will know it was added on to your home. We take time to make sure you are using the textures and materials that compliment your home and your outdoor living space.  Contact Outdoor Design Build to get started build your barbecue station and do more grilling out! Also take a look at your outdoor kitchen options.

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