With record breaking temperatures across the Midwest, our bodies are not the only things we should be concerned about protecting from the cold. Here are a few tips to keep your home in mint condition.

*Check your water pipes to prevent frozen bursting. Did you know when water freezes, it expands? The ice causes pressure against the pipes which forces a burst in a part of the pipe that is not frozen. Homes with holes for cable near pipes, with lower temperatures, or with a lack of insulation are at the highest risk of pipe bursting.

A sign of a frozen pipe is a faucet turned on without water coming out.   If it is frozen; attempt to gradually thaw the pipe. Weather.com recommends a hair dryer in a dry area; be safe and never use an open flame. Prevent your pipes from freezing by putting thick insulation around them.

*Do not pour boiling water over any type of frozen glass. This includes the windows on a vehicle. The immediate temperature increase can cause the glass to crack or even break due to sensitivity. Again, the more gradual, the better

*Inspect the gutters and roof after each snowfall. Remove any remaining snow that has accumulated on the roof to prevent damage. Also, keep a lookout for icicles, these may be a sign of an ice dam on the roof.